Self-protection app

Papa is a positioning defense software. Its core function is timing positioning guard, providing 24-hour professional help service.It also has many functions such as camouflage voice, camouflage calls, video help and so on. It is suitable for girls to take night car, walk at night or live alone. In case of emergency, the police/friends can find you quickly.

specific function

  1. [Disguised caller]: is it not safe to walk at night? PaPa can immediately impersonate the phone screen and ring tone of someone call, you choose to answer it or not. It has the voice of various characters such as uncle, best friend, boyfriend, etc.
  2. [video help] : PaPa can help you to record the scene in real time, Therefore it can deter criminals and finally stop the crime. Live situations and criminal features are uploaded in real time for quick rescue and police forensics.
  3. [time protection] : set the time that you need to be protected, during which time you will be tracked by GPS continuously. Failure to turn off the guard will automatically notify your emergency contact.
  4. [voice help] : During the process of time protection, as long as you shout out the specified key words, you can quickly inform your relatives and friends to help you.
  5. [one click help] : When the situation is very urgent, click one key for help and the customer service staff will immediately contact the emergency contact person and call the police.
  6. [7*24 hours] : PaPa have a professional emergency response team, they will be on call for 7*24 hours and immediately respond to the request for help. When they receive any signal, they will immediately send it to your emergency contacts (family and friends).
  7. [Location sharing]: you can know where your friends and relatives are at any time, and protect their safety more confidently. You can also send real-time location to one or more emergency contacts via WeChat or SMS (a single user can install the device without software) to let friends and family know your travel status and let them protect you.
positioning guard

screenshot of PAPA app from CC-SA